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AS/S 100

An Albus-Severus/Scorpius Drabble Community

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This is an Albus-Severus/Scorpius-era 100-word drabble writing community. In the same tradition as hp100, hd100, and snupin100, and other similarly-structured 100-word drabble communities.


A challenge is posted once every Thursday.
Each drabble posted to that challenge must be 100 words exactly. No more, no less. That's the whole point. At the moment, there is no +/- buffer, although that may change.
If you have a drabble that is more than 100 words, it must fit with one of the other challenges. 1 challenge = 100 words. So, if your fic has 400 words, it should be for four different challenges.
You may post drabbles outside that week's challenge, but please note that in your author's notes.
Please use an LJ cut when posting more than one drabble.
No off-topic posts are allowed.
All drabbles must be related to Albus-Severus/Scorpius in some way. They may contain other characters and the other characters may be the focus, but it must exist in a world where AS/S is a reality..
All drabbles must be posted to the community. Links or 'fake' LJ cuts to other journals or communities will risk getting your post deleted.
No chaptered drabbles. You can call them parts of a whole, but they all must stand alone.
Any R or NC-17 drabbles, must also go behind a cut, even if it is a single drabble.
Anyone can join and anyone can post as long as they follow the rules.
Any specific questions can be directed to mod.of.ill.repute @ gmail . com or asked in that particular week's mod post.
You may select your own Hogwarts house, or you can be a student from Beauxbaton or Durmstrang. This is just for 'score keeping' and you don't have to participate in that if you don't want to. But, we'd really like you to.
There will also be a monthly drabble contest which will allow you to explore longer drabbles. Try to keep them under 500 words, but that is not a requirement. Scoring is still 1pt for every 100 words. Fics must be unique, not written for other challenges.

Please, post with this template:

Your choice in Houses can come from Hogwarts, or you can choose to be a student from Durmstrang or Beauxbatons.

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